Q Code

This code, was developped in 1912 to facilitate Morse communication between radio operators using different languages.

It presented several advantages: language independence, increased transmission speed and improved security.

Q Code abbreviations, composed of three letters of which the first is always Q, are questions or answers depending on the context.


QRG Exact frequency
QRI Tone (T in the RST code)
QRK Intelligibility (R in the RST code)
QRL This frequency is busy.
QRM Man-made interference
QRN Natural interference, e.g. static crashes
QRO Increase power
QRP Decrease power
QRQ Send faster
QRR Temporarily unavailable/away, please wait
QRS Send slower
QRT Stop sending
QRU Have you anything for me?
QRV I am ready
QRX Will call you again
QRZ You are being called by…
QSA Signal strength
QSB Fading of signal
QSD Your keying is defective
QSK Break-in
QSL I Acknowledge receipt
QSM Repeat last message
QSN I heard you
QSO A conversation
QSP Relay
QST General call to all stations
QSX I am listening on … frequency
QSY Shift to transmit on …
QTA Disregard last message
QTC Traffic
QTH Location
QTR Exact time



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